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Patient stories

Patient stories

“Knowing the symptoms of ovarian cancer is very important for early diagnosis”

For a year there were days that I was not well, I had vomits, a feeling of flatus when walking and a swollen belly. It was not until a year later, in October 2013, when the doctor decided to perform the ultrasound scan and it was then when they detected me a large ovarian tumor. Until that time I had no idea of the symptoms of this cancer. I knew those of breast cancer, but I had heard almost nothing about ovarian cancer... Despite this, I took it very well and didn't panic, although my family did.


In Vall d' Hebrón everything went very fast: within a month I had surgery and recovery was good. And I believe that largely everything went so well because I was strong, positive and fully relied on the team of doctors and nurses that looked after me.


When you experience something like that you have to collaborate to the maximum, as much as you can, because we cannot expect that the State will provide for everything, especially now with the budget cuts. For this reason and to contribute to research in this disease and to help those affected I began to donate here, when I was hospitalized in Vall d' Hebrón.


“From loss to hope and action”
Our children were born with a rare disease: an IDP or primary immunodeficiency. John died due to this disease, he was never diagnosed. The IDPs are easy to diagnose but what is difficult is to suspect them. An early diagnosis is essential to avoid sequelae and save lives. Didac was diagnosed when she was six months in the hospital Vall D'hebron in Barcelona and he is being treated there.

IDPs research has come a long way, but there is still a long road to go.

One day, we decided that the three of us should also travel that road.

We have started a fantastic 'trip' to try to raise funds for research and to disseminate information about primary immunodeficiencies. We are not alone on this journey, family, friends and acquaintances have joined us, and also anonymous people who invest their time and talents in helping Didac for his fundraising campaign for IDPs research.

We want to leave our testimony of this 'future flavored' trip and acknowledge the support and the trust of many.

Julia and Ivan (Didac's parents)

“I want to encourage people to become involved and help”

In January 2013 I received the diagnosis: liver cancer and I need a transplant. I knew something was wrong, because in the last year I was not feeling well. I'm a professional athlete and competing became increasingly difficult. But I never guessed this ...

You never imagine that you have cancer, that it's happening to you being healthy and athletic as you are. But it has happened and, as people who have gone through this say, you value life more and you experience the need to help others. This is why I am launching the transplant charity run Nick Fiestas d'Horta 2013.

With this initiative I want to help the research done in Vall d'Hebron, where great professionals like Dr. Genescà, Dr. Charco and Dr. Bilbao are treating me. I want to encourage people to get involved and help, not only for me but for all those who will need it and those who are much worse than me. With this race I also want to stress the importance of donating organs, to give life to all those who like me are on the waiting list to start over.

Mª José

“Our daughter”


José Manuel and Rajae (Mariam's parents)

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